V-TECH VCS704 – Conference with 4 mics

  • 4 DECT 6.0 mikrofon nirkabel dengan Teknologi Nirkabel Orbitlink
  • Speakerphone tengah dan full-duplex di pangkalan
  • Waktu siaga hingga 70 jam per mikrofon nirkabel
  • Sampai 8 jam waktu bicara per mikrofon nirkabel

Product Description

VTech VCS704 ErisStation Conference Phone with Four Wireless Microphone merupakan sebuah alat conference phone dengan Central, full-duplex speakerphone in base yang dapat mendengar dan berbicara pada waktu yang sama dan dapat beroperasi dalam ruangan kecil, sedang dan besar.

  • Includes 4 DECT 6.0 Wireless microphones and 2 central fixed microphones.
  • 2-line Backlit display with date and time saves up to 50 CID entries and 50 Name/number phonebook entries.
  • Central full-duplex speakerphone in base allows callers to speak and be heard at the same time, just as they would in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Magnetic Charging bays built into the base keep Wireless microphones keep the microphones together and ready for the next call.
  • Wireless microphones feature up to 70 hours of battery life with 8 hours of talk time.
V-TECH VCS704 – Conference with 4 mics
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