Motorola Walkie Talkie MS350

  • Rechargeable pack
  • NOAA weather plus alerts
  • Vibrates, Flashlight
  • PTT power boost
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Product Description

Motorola Walkie Talkie Walky Talky MS350 R WATERPROOF – Up To 35 mile

MS350R Motorola Walkie Talkie [2 Pcs] is a two-way radio with a compact design that gives the distance range of up to 56 kilometers. Motorola MS350R supports 22 channels and PTT power boost feature. Radio is waterproof to IP-67 standards, hold submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.


Motorola Walkie Talkie MS350 R WATERPROOF Walky Talky – Up To 35 mile

Motorola MS350R Walkie Talkie [2 Pcs] merupakan radio dua arah dengan desain kompak yang memberikan jarak jangkauan hingga 56 kilometer. Motorola MS350R mendukung 22 saluran dan fitur PTT power boost. Radio ini waterproof dengan standar IP-67, tahan terendam hingga kedalaman 1 meter selama 30 menit.

Motorola Walkie Talkie MS350

Additional Information

Product Details

• 22 channels including 8 GMRS repeater channels to help carry your signal over long distances and 7 NOAA weather channels
• 121 privacy codes for a total of 2,662 possible combinations
• Backlit display makes it easy to see information in dark or poorly lit areas
• Advanced priority scan
• Automatic squelching is designed to remove static and interference
• 10 different call tones can be set for different members of your group
• Communication features include Push-to-Talk power boost, a Quiet Talk interruption filter and a talk confirmation tone
• VibraCall™ vibrating alert
• Weather Alert feature alerts you to threatening weather nearby
• iVOX allows hands-free communication without the need for an audio accessory
• Battery save feature helps you conserve battery life
• Waterproof design can withstand submersion of up to 1 m for 30 minutes and floats on the surface for easy retrieval
• Extra-large buttons accommodate glove use
• Ergonomic design with an hourglass shape and nonslip ridges
• LCD battery meter and an audible low battery alert

Product Include

2 radios
2 belt clips
1 dual drop-in charger
1 charging adaptor
2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs
1 Emergency Preparedness checklist sheet
1 Users Guide
1 Accessories brochure
Available in yellow

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