Philips 2xAA 1600mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • AA, 1600 mAh
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride

– NiMH technology for recharging multiple times
Nickel-Metal Hydride technology allows recharging multiple times and makes replacement of the accus almost unnecessary.

– The battery for toys and other general devices
The 1600 mAh of energy keeps your toys and other general devices going longer.

– Enjoy the full capacity over and over again
A Nickel-Metal Hydride battery can be re-energized fully up to 1000 times without draining it before charging. This allows you to make easier and better use of your rechargeable batteries.

– Saves money because it can be recharged 1000 times
Saves money because it lasts as long as 1000 batteries.